Ivan Valdez

Years Fly-fishing:  35               Years Guiding: 13

Other Occupations/interests: Hunting, family, school, and The Broncos.

Favorite Waters: Rio Chama for its diversity of big fish, The Conejos for its wild scenery, and the Rio Grande for all of its well kept secrets.

Favorite Species: Big native Browns.

Most Exotic Trip: The Brazos Box, in my opinion one of the most scenic spots in Northern New Mexico.

Likes Most About Guiding: Teaching and sharing my passion of the outdoors and creating an exciting experience for fishermen of all skill levels.

Likes Most About Fly-fishing: Every fly-fishing experience is different and one has the ability to truly live in the moment.

Ivan's vast experience and knowledge of the streams in Northern New Mexico makes him not only a great teacher, but a client favorite. 

Nick Streit

Nick Streit owns Taos Fly Shop and The Reel Life has been guiding since he was a teenager. When he was 17 he was on the Junior US Fly Fishing team that placed 2nd in Europe.  Nick has guided and fished all over the world, cutting his teeth on rivers from Alaska to Argentina, not to mention the salt flats of the Caribbean.  He continues to guide his home waters of Northern New Mexico and teach fly fishing through courses at the University of NM.  When not fishing or running his shop, Nick is usually wandering around the woods trying to shoot critters, either with his bow or his camera.

Nikolas Adler

Years Fly Fishing- 12

Years Guiding- 4

Other interests: Family, Hunting, Conservation, anything outdoors!

Favorite Waters: First would be the Pecos River, I grew up learning to fly fish this river and I love all of the hatches and plentiful fish that inhabit it. Second would be the San Juan Wilderness, the views that are in this watershed are amazing and it is one of the few places that I can pursue a monster cuttthroat trout.

Favorite species: Big brown trout! These elusive fish are hard to come by but worth all of the effort when you finally land one!

Most exotic trip: I love hiking into Lake Katherine and sight fishing to the giant Snake River Cutts that live there.

What I like most about guiding:I like being able to teach somebody somthing from personal experience, and seeing them be successful at it. There is no feeling like it in the world!

What I like most about fly fishing: I enjoy bein able to go outdoors and be in touch with natureand experiencing some of the adrenaline packed opportunities it has to offer. I love hooking a wild native species in an amazing landscape.

Ricardo Salazar

Favorite waters: Fly Fishing Backountry in Colorados San Juan wilderness is my favorite place to fish because it is so wild and unspoiled. Knowing you are fishing in a place so deep in the backcountry it is relatively untouched by humans is quite a humbling experience 


Favorite Species: There are very few things that can get my adrenaline going like watching a monster northern pike rise from the depths to eat a fly that is the size of the fish we are used to catching but the best feeling in the world is catching a big brown trout. Why? Big brown trout are the most elusive living things in New Mexico almost to the point that they seem non existant. We know that monster browns lurk the depths of our rivers but it remains a mystery on how to catch them but when the conditions are just right and it all comes together there is no better feeling than being able to admire one of these trout as they catch their breathe inside of your net.


Most Exotic Trip: Hiking 14 miles in search of an untouched meadow stream with big beautiful browns in the backcountry.


Likes Most About Guiding: Its so incredible to be able to share this passion with other people and to be able to stand back and watch the spark turn into an unrelenting fire of happiness and knowing that I was able to help them find something they will love and enjoy forever.


Likes Most About Fishing: Fly Fishing is not something I do on the weekends or something I plan to do on my next day off. I am a passionate fly fisherman and I anticipate every free minute I have to make time to allow it to be a part of my life every single day whether it is fishing or tying flies. I can fish when I end a guide trip and I can fish when I leave the fly shop and although its not for as long as I would like I can still do it untill it is to dark to see my fly and when I say last cast ill always be sure to make 10 more. 

Wes Dyer
Wes Dyer
 a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and avid angler, has been fishing the beautiful waters of New Mexico since age 8.  Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Wes returned to NM with a fire to chase local legendary fish, and accomplish his dream of becoming a professional guide.  In April - July 2017, Wes relocated to Montana to gain experience fishing and guiding the legendary big rivers such as Madison, Big Hole and Ruby rivers   Wes is also Founder and CEO of Awol Angler, a local Non-Profit organization which facilitates getting our nation’s combat veterans on NM waters for a day of guided fly fishing at no expense to the veteran, in an attempt to share his passion and the healing experience of fly fishing.
Years Fly fishing-8
Favorite waters- Rio Chama, Brazos, Cow Creek Ranch
Favorite species-  Giant Brown Trout, RIo Grande Cutthroat!
Likes most about guiding-  The absolute ELECTRIC feeling my client and I share together upon the set.  The culmination of efforts and craftiness which allow us to experience successful fly fishing, the picture and instinctual fist bump after a healthy fight and release...all smiles!  I love to teach this art form out on the waters, to share the knowledge of entomology and natural biology of the great rivers.
Likes Most about Fishing- The thrill of the chase, the chess match that occurs during fly fishing, examining whats happening in and around the water, and applying that information to rod, leader, tippet and fly, and finally fish.  The release is very important to me, that both sides leave unharmed and wiser for the engagement
Chris Vigil

Years Fly Fishing:  37
Years guiding:  6
Other Occupation/Interests:  Family, Fly Tying, Snow Skiing, Golf, Information Technology, Mathematics
Favorite Water:  For private ranches I love Cow Creek Ranch for its quality fish and well manicured grounds.  Corkins Lodge is also a treat. 
On public waters I love the Jemez area streams during the stonefly hatch, the Rio Chama when the flows are good and of the San Juan for its catch and release waters.
Favorite species:  Rio Grande cutthroat trout.  You don't catch too many of these guys but they are a treat to see.
Most Exotic Trip:  Floating on a pontoon boat in a high alpine lake looking for big cutthroat trout during a full moon.
Likes most about guiding:  Watching other people fly fish.  I have learned a lot about fly fishing by not fishing.
Likes most about fly fishing:  The journey.  Fly fishing trips are an adventure and each day has a trophy worthy of a good story.  Figuring out what the fish are feeding on is very rewarding once you've got it.
Chris has been fishing the lakes and streams of northern New Mexico since 1976.

Dan Lowe


Years fly fishing 35              Years guiding 10+

Other occupations/ interests: Skiing, rafting, camping, and anything outdoors with my family

Favorite Waters: The Rio Chama for its variety and the Rio Grande for its unique challenges. Out of state would be British Columbia the steelhead capitol of the world!

Favorite species: Steelheads! Seeing how they spend most of their timein the ocean and return to the rivers to spawn makes them extrodinary. Pound for pound they are give excellent takes and are very agressive fighters!

Most exotic trip: Has got to be Belize! When I missed a nice permit on my first attempt my guide was yelling at me with his head down! I proceded to cast again and still land the same fish! I was the talk of the bar that night for sure!

Likes most about guiding: Guiding allows me to be creative with the art of fly fishing and it allows me to create a fun and exciting day!

Likes most about fly fishing: I enjoy all of the challenges that fly fishing allows me and it get to be in the great outdoors!

Dans enthusiasm and excitement for adventure pours over into all that he does. Including an exciting day out on the waters.


Gregg Flores


Gregg’s father introduced him to the fabled waters of the Rio Grande, the San Juan, and Santa Fe National Forest at the ripe old age of 3 and so he has the privilege of calling himself a lifelong angler and outdoorsman.  Fly fishing to him is pure joy and being able to provide others with a few tools to increase their success and enjoyment of the sport is why he guides.  Gregg also has a passion for the classroom and in 2010 he graduated with honors with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of New Mexico.  In 2011 he graduated with honors with a Master of Science in Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Gregg works as a Mechanical Engineer when not on the water.

Carlos Montoya

Years Fly Fishing: 32   Years Guiding: 10 years with the reel life and 3 years privately

Other Occupation/Interests: Currently in school for Neuro-psychology, EMT, father, husband, artist, conservationist, work with wounded veterans and bionic warriors, and a TU member since 2005

Favorite Water: Rio Costilla. I love small intimate waters with the potential of catching an unsuspecting wild cutthroat, brown, brook or rainbow trout on a dry dropper set up. I also like the challenge of fishing tail waters using size 24 to 32 midge patterns on light tippet and any tail water in Colorado, my favorite hangout, Eleven Mile Canyon.

Favorite Species: Cutthroats are my favorite species to catch, but the beauty of any other trout species that pleasantly graces me with its presence is well accepted and appreciated. It’s the thrill of the hunt and being where you are at that moment and time. Blending with your surroundings and becoming one with the ecosystem, that puts a smile on my face and clarity in my soul.

Most Exotic Trip: To date would have to be the Henry’s fork in Idaho, the Provo River in Utah and the Lower Snake River in Pocatello, Idaho.  Catching big fish with the most delicate of presentation on the ranch of the Henry’s fork or pulling large streamers on the Snake River.

Like Most About Guiding: I enjoy teaching people and passing on my passion about the sport, as well as educating people about the ecosystem they are visiting. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone catch their first fish on a fly with the excitement of a child on Christmas day, Priceless. Not only do I also enjoy the chance to pass on my knowledge, but I also enjoy learning something new from all my clients; whether it’s how to adapt to their needs, how to be successful, or just listening to stories of fishing on other rivers. There is always something to learn and many other ways to do something and get the same results. Guiding for me has become just as much of a passion if not more than me fishing by myself. I am an ambassador of the rivers, lakes and streams. 

Likes Most About Fly Fishing: The serenity, peace, solitude and the spiritual closeness to nature. Fly fishing has always been my escape from the everyday rat race. It’s how I find God and where my church is. It’s been therapy and a blanket of comfort, and has produced a number of answers to my everyday problems by listening to the flow of the water, the sway of the trees in the wind, the pounding of the rain and the gentle sizzle of snowflakes as they fall on the water. It has always been a passion of respect for what purifies my total well-being. Mimicking what nature does as best as we can to fool an unsuspecting trout, then releasing it back. Such as life, we make mistakes and if we are lucky we are given a second chance, sometimes many.